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Capt Rick Specializes in Teaching Techniques

Capt Rick isn't just a guide that takes you fishing, he loves to teach and share his knowledge he has used over the many decades of fishing experience both guiding and tournament fishing. 

If you are a present or future customer, know that Capt Rick will take the time to teach you and answer your questions on fishing techniques and methods used to help you catch more fish, whether it be bass, crappie or spoonbill, Capt Rick is a well of knowledge that he loves to share with his clients. 

Some comments from Capt Rick's Clients:


Dear Captain Rick:

I would like to send this letter to review my intention when booking and going out on an instructional fishing trip with you. When we were looking for a place to retire ten years ago, we wanted to explore the Table Rock Lake area. As a lifelong resident of Iowa that loves to fish (especially for bass), I knew that the fishing approach in Iowa is not the same as in Missouri. The first time we were down in the area, I went out with one guide and he simply took the boat to a couple different spots and handed me a rod to fish. I had no idea why the fish would bite, if they did bite.

I then was fortunate enough to contact you for my second trip to the area. I knew from the time I got on your boat that I was going to learn more about how to fish Table Rock Lake and how the bass feed. You have always been open to my many questions and patiently answer them with practical tips on how to fish the lake. We have been able to go out at different times of the year, to learn the various ‘seasons’ of fishing.

After a couple years, I purchased your mapping service and have referred to it many times over the years. Having a map of the lake with markings of where the fish gather and the laminated pages to explain the different fishing seasons is worth the cost to me.

I have used your instructional service to help show my children and grandchildren how to learn more about fishing on the vast waters of Table Rock Lake.

Over the years, I am amazed at how extensive your knowledge and information is about fishing on Table Rock Lake. We rarely go to a location we have been before, so fishing many different spots has helped me to learn how to fish the spots on the map, as well as how the fish are moving and feeding at that particular time of the year.

In summary, I consider my time with you similar to being in a classroom learning the tactics for fishing and the layout of the lake. Your experience and information is valuable and worth the fee I pay you for this information.


Dann Stevens

6816 Star View Street

Des Moines, IA 50320


“Rick has been a service provider for me for many years. He is a leader in his field and dedicated to first rate service. His focus on family values, high integrity, his expert instruction and his relaxed personality always makes for a pleasurable day on the water. I would certainly recommend Rick's service to all with an interest in the outdoors.” 

Top qualities: Great Results , On Time , High Integrity

Dick Fanning

“Rick is not only one of the top guides in the area, but he is a quality individual. His fishing and personal skills are unsurpassed. This is proven by the high amount of return clients that he maintains. Rick's skills are not only limited to finding and catching fish, as he is an excellent teacher who specializes in teaching children the life-long joy of fishing. I've had the pleasure of knowing and fishing with Rick for several years and I highly recommend his services.” 

Mike Mueller 


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